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Advanced Inner Barrel Stabilizing O-Ring for: Maxx Model Rotary Chamber (New Gen. All)

Verkäufer Airtech Studios

Product Description

The Advanced locking ring is designed to replace the current Maxx O-ring (Normally brass) ring at the end of setting up the hop unit, however, with the original, there is a tendency for a wobbly gap in between the components which would tilt the barrel at an angle.

Full step-by-step installation can be downloaded using this link CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this difficult to install?

Not at all, you are simply replacing the current brass ring with our advanced ring that will fill in the gaps more inside the hop up chamber to lockdown the inner barrel.

2. Can any barrel be used with this?

Yes, the advanced locked is designed at an angle so that it would latch on to the any inner barrel x Maxx chamber securely.

3. What is the point of the locking ring?

In general, anything that most in airsoft must be locked down and centered for the most efficient and accurate shot. You will be eliminating a variable that would have caused bad shots before.

4. Can this locking ring be used on other Maxx Model chamber?

It can only be used on the Maxx new gen versions. We have a advance locking ring made for the older gens thats available too.

5. Can it be used on other non Maxx Model brand hop up chamber?

Not likely but we have a universal version made already and other more specific versions per brand like Krytac, Prowin, G&G, ICS, KWA etc.

Everything Must be Locked-down

Once the new stabilizing ring is installed, it will ensure a snug fit to restrict the motion of the barrel that is inside the hop-up chamber. It will secure the inner barrel and maintain itself steadily locked in the true horizontal position. Even when shots are fired, which is the moment where there is the most stress and vibration at the hop-up, the O-ring will ensure the structure is intact.

This in turn will create a dependable system for the BB to travel down the barrel undisturbed for the most consistent and accurate shots.

Core Benefits After Install

  • Increase shooting accuracy and consistency.
  • Eliminated moving factor between the inner barrel and hop-up unit.
  • Strong polymer fiber glass construction -eliminate any shrinkage and expansion compared to standard brass rings cause by weather temperature.

Compatible for all New Gen Maxx Model Hop-up Chambers including:

✔ M4A
✔ M4E & M4Ei
✔ M4G & M4Gi
✔ M4i
✔ M4P
✔ M4W
✔ MXW 

Package Contents
1 x Inner Barrel Locking Ring
5 x Silicone Installation Rings