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STC Speed Trigger Converter - Designed for the Ares Amoeba ETFU MOSFET Series

Verkäufer Airtech Studios


Once the Speed Trigger Converter (STC™) is installed, this will drastically reduce the trigger pull on all Ares Amoeba ETFU MOSFETS to achieve a hairline trigger response. Great for competitive speed shooting to gain faster reactions against your opponents!

Push Your Build to the Limit!

  • Simple Installation (Needs Gearbox Access)
  • Ultra Tough Polymer Injected Construction
  • Convert the Existing Ares Amoeba Trigger to Achieve a Near Tap Trigger Response!
  • Build-in Safety Feature to Prevent Over-Travel to Protect the ETFU Switch.
  • Safety Mode Will Remain Functional for Gamesite Regulations.

The Package Includes:
1x Speed Trigger Block
1x Safety Block
1x Instruction Manual