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Tokyo Marui NGRS Advanced Hop-up Chamber & Inner Barrel O-Ring (M4/HK16/HK16C/HK17/SCAR H)

Verkäufer Airtech Studios

The Advanced locking ring is designed to replace the current Oring (Normally brass) ring at the end of setting up the hop unit, however, with the original, there is a tendency for a wobbly gap in between the components which would tilt the barrel at an angle.

Once the new Oring is installed, it will ensure a snug fit to restrict the motion of the barrel that is inside the hop-up chamber. It will secure the inner barrel and maintain itself steadily locked in the true horizontal position. Even when shots are fired, which is the moment where there is the most stress and vibration at the hop-up, the Oring will ensure the structure is intact.

This in turn will create a dependable system for the BB to travel down the barrel undisturbed for the most consistent and accurate shots.

The new Advanced Oring is also designed longer in size to lock more of the inner barrel and hop-ups surface area to further stabilize the sensitive system.


✔️TM HK416 & HK16C Series

✔️TM HK417 Series

✔️TM M4 SOPMOD Series

✔️TM Scar L & Scar H

Hop-up x Inner Barrel Stabilization

The Causes

Testing Axial Movements

It is common for the inner barrel to experience movement when installed in the hop-up chamber. The stock brass ring can expand or contract depending on the temperature, hence causing an uncertain factor to keep it stable.
As a result, an unsteady inner barrel can affect the BB hop-up spin, hence affecting accuracy.
The Solution

Simple Installation of the Advanced Inner Barrel Ring

The Advanced Inner Barrel Ring replaced the brass ring to hold the inner barrel with the Hop-up chamber.
Its designed to be of perfect fit with the Maxx Model chamber and flexible enough to fit most inner barrels to create the perfect shim.
The Solution

Locked Inner Barrel

Once the Advanced ring is installed, the inner barrel will be fully locked into the hop-up chamber with no lateral or axial movements.
Installation Demo

Advanced Inner Barrel O-ring

Video abspielen
Elongated Stabilization

Taking it a Step Further

The Advanced Ring is specially designed to be longer with an extruding end that can hold onto more of the inner against the hop-up chamber. This will ensure that it is locked well under such air pressures.
Further Orings for Assembly

Enhanced Gearbox Seal with increased FPS

A silicone are included with the package. The purpose is create a tight fit onto the lower receiver to restrict any movement or vibrations when shooting.
Since the front end of the hop-up chamber will now be locked securely, at the back in parallel there will be improved airseal with the gearbox. The FPS output will then be more stable.
Built for Stress

Ultra-Tough Polycarbonate

The Advanced Inner Barrel Ring is manufactured through plastic injection molding using polycarbonate as the material which is lightweight and tough against the stresses while installed into the hop-up chamber.
Tailoring to your gun

Tech Work For Installation

There are some instances where the Advanced Hop-up Ring is a little too tight to fit the inner barrel. If its too tight, lightly sand the inside of the Hop-up ring and test fit incrementally with the inner barrel until you achieve a perfect snug fit.

Tech Tip

In general, anything that moves in the rifle especially in the hop-up/ inner barrel should be strictly locked down to eliminate the factors that could affect the consistencies of the shots fired.

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