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Advanced TDC BB Tube (Silverback A1/A2 & Maxx Model | Maple Leaf Hop-up Chamber)

Proveedor Airtech Studios

The Advanced BB Loader is designed to address the misalignment issue by the stock feeder. Our new BB feeder is designed specifically for the Silverback SRS A1/A2 and paired either with the Maxx and Maple Leaf Hop-up Chamber unit.

On the current SRS during installation, you will notice that the hop-up chamber / outer barrel can freely twist round easily around the BB feeder, which leaves a degree of guessing and approximating for the true center before locking the 4 screws. If it is not fully centered, this can lead to BBs swerving away to the left or right.

We address these issues by designing the feeding lips to be slightly longer and flatter than the stock BB feeder to act as a "guide rail" for the hop-up units to be completely centered upon installation. 

The new BB feeder will ensure a snug fit with the hop-up chamber until the outer barrel is locked onto the SRS rifle eliminating any doubt or guesswork on where the true center lies. Simply slide in and lock.

✔ Prevents Lateral and Axial Movement of the Hop-up Unit Before Installation.

✔ Guarantees a ‘Dead-Centre’ Chamber Lock on the true vertical axis.

✔ Eliminate Guess-work Before Locking the Outer Barrel after Maintenance.

✔ Guides the Outer Barrel into BB Feeder Ensuring Zero Tilt

✔ Tough CNC Stainless Steel Construction

✔ Quicker Assembly Time. Simply Slide in the Hop-up and Lock the Bolts!

Due to the nature of disassembling your SRS Silverback rifle often for maintenance and cleaning for the best performance. It is essential to retain all factors during install to remain constant. This BB feeder will eliminate one crucial element to ensure your settings remain the same every time.



What Hop-Up will this work with?

The Stock Hop-up chamber from SRS, the upgraded "Fast" version, and the Stalker Kracken chamber will fit perfectly with this item.

Would it be easy to install?

Yes, just remove your outer barrel/ Hop-up unit first. Finally to access the current stock tube you would be required to remove all 10x that holds the plastic casing of the SRS together. Simply unscrew the stock version and replace it with this upgraded version.

Can this be used for the HTI SRS Silverback sniper rifle?

Only the A1 and A2 Sport versions will be compatible with the advanced feed tube at this moment. We will be working on an HTI version in the near future though.

Would it matter if my hop-up Chamber was left or right-hand version?

Not at all! This will work for both.

Would this work for my Maxx or Maple Leaf Hop-up Chamber?

We have that version made Maxx and Mapleleaf, but because the measurements are different a slightly longer version is required. Check it out on the link HERE to view.