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KWA QRF MOD2 Rotary - Top-Down-Center (TDC) Bracket Integration Kit

Proveedor Airtech Studios

Product Description

The TDC (Top-Down-Centre) Trolley Converter is designed for the KWA QRF MOD2 Rotary Hop-up Chamber to radically upgrade the applicable hop-up inside the chamber.

Full step-by-step installation can be downloaded using this link CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Integration kit difficult to install?
It is fairly simple, We recommend that you have some experience with the hop up
units and inner barrel setups. Do download the instruction/ Installation manual
and read all before beginning the modification process. Consult a gun tech for
help if needed or contact us for any help.

2. Do I need an R-HOP patch?
Nope, this works for all types of hop setups, but we do highly recommend R-HOP
buckings as minimum like the Maple Leaf Macaron buckings to take advantage of
the R-hop performance for long distance shooting with deadly accuracy.

There are many brands of R-hop in the market, much like Psionic, and Silent sniper that
is easily available in the market as a drop-in patch.

3. Should I upgrade my inner barrel?
It's not necessary as stock barrels are pretty good quality these days and
could still function well with the R-HOP builds.

4. How do you remove the bracket once its installed?
It is possible, but not recommended once it is glued into place to prevent further deviations of the setup in the future. It is possible to still service your hop-up chamber and its components for cleaning without removing the TDC converter bracket.

5. Can it work on another hop-up chamber?

No. This is designed
specifically for the KWA QRF Rotary chamber.

We have other brackets for G&G, KRYTAC, Prowin, ASG Scorpion Evo, ICS, and VFC, Tokyo Marui NGRS, MTW, Prometheus and Ares Amoeba.

6. What bucking would be the best?
The stock green or blue buckings ones are good, but other brands like
Prometheus and Modify brands have boundless buckings (without the bump inside)
which are required for R-HOP builds.

Drop-in R-hop buckings like Maple Leaf Macaron are highly recommended.

7. Will this work for Flat-hop?
Yes, it will, and for G-hop too. There are plenty of videos of how-to and what
you need for this setup. Once you have this in place, you will notice a huge
difference in performance and accuracy.

8. How far can R-HOP travel?
For a 1J setup and the right settings, 60-70m using 0.28g BB

Please refer to the instruction manual for more information. If you need any further tech help, contact us on info@airtechstudios.com

Types of Hop the Conversion Kit can be used for

The kit may be used in unison with all bucking types and also works perfectly for R-Hop & Flat-hop setups utilizing a trolley system that applies hop perfectly downwards for the most consistent pressure distributed onto the BB. As a result, increased accuracy over longer distances.

Why TDC (Top-Down-Center)?
The idea of using a Top-down-center is a well sought after functionality in airsoft that maximizes the amount of friction allowed onto a BB round and there are third part chambers that can achieve this.  However, switching to a third party chamber could carry a series of risks such as double BB feeding, misfeeding, and inconsistent air compression. That is the reason why we opted for a an upgrade option for the original hop-up chamber that is specifically designed for the KWA QRF MOD Series replicas.

We tested the performance of many types of M-nubs for its firmness, durability, and ability maintain its shape under intense pressure. We settled with a version that ticks all of these boxes. 2x M-nubs are included that covers the length of the hop-up window to maximize the amount of exposure onto the bucking and then BB. This ensures the most stable hop, while the BB accelerates through the hop mound/ Arch. 

Gun Modification

This is a drop in upgrade and modification to any part of the gun is not required.

The full installation manual will be provided for download, please follow all steps to ensure a successful install.

Package Contents
1 x TDC Bracket

1 x TDC Trolley

2 x M-Nub

1 x Hop Up Arm

1 x M2 Bolt

1 x M2 Nut

1 x M1.3 Bolt

1 x M1.3 Nut


Step by Step Install Tutorial


Unlocking the Full Potential of the KWA QRF MOD1

The TDC Converter Kit is specifically designed to ensure optimal vertical pressure on the inner barrel window.

The kit is specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate the existing hop-up chamber with precision-designed brackets. These brackets effectively guide a trolley, allowing the pressure applied to travel in a consistent downward motion, while preventing axial tilting.

TDC Micro Adjustment

Fine-tune the exact hop-up required for your gun build. The hop applied top to bottom creating the most stable pressure and most exposure onto the BB spin.
As a result the most stable and consistent flight path.