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KWA Ronin 6 TK.45C PDW, T6 Tactical & QRF MOD Series - TBEU™ Tanker Battery Extension


The Tanker Battery Extension Unit (TBEU) is designed specifically for the KWA PDW Series used to connect a larger battery to the gun while keeping it external to the gun's body. This allows players to use higher-capacity batteries for longer gameplay without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the airsoft gun.



Ready For Battle


Effortless Installation!

By offering additional spacing inside the compartment, the Battery Extension Unit (TBEU™) is designed specifically to relieve all stresses on the KWA rifles components such as the MOSFET and to prevent the bending of electrical cables to protect it throughout, increasing its durability.
use any lipo

70% Greater In Battery Compartment

Getting ready for your next battle can be a chore by taking a long time to charge up all your batteries. The TBEU™ will enable larger batteries to be used to ensure you remain in the battle for longer!

Expanded Battery Selection


Same Flexibility After Installation

The TBEU™ is designed to fit beautifully with the KWA PDW's original design by sitting seamlessly inside the stock compartment offering two points of shoulder adjustments to ensure compactness and maneuverability.
Installation Demo

Airtech Battery Extension Unit Demonstation


Remain In Battle for Longer

Paired with drum mag, the TBEU™ will ensure a larger enough battery capacity to keep you in the fight for longer. Give your adversaries an unfair advantage now!

Compatible on all KWA PDW Stock Series

The TBEU™ is highly versatile and can be used across the KWA PDW series. Once installed the added compartment eliminates the rattling butt-stock by locking-down the two metal rails!
Precise Manufacturing

Light & Strong Contruction

Made of strong, flexible nylon that is resistant to BB impact and rough handling. With the extra air space inside the compartment, the TBEU™ will protect the MOSFET, fuse, wires, and battery from overheating over time. Likewise, we wanted to minimize the prospect of denting the battery's surface from the cramped spacing.
Fire at will

Gain the Competitive Edge

Whether you intend to you use the KWA rifle for CQB or Milsim outside, you never need to worry about the battery levels again! Fire when ready.
Tailoring to your Aim

Points of Adjustment

Once the TBEU™ is installed there will be 2 points of adjustment of the stock-butt depending on your needs. It will continue to use the locking mechanism from the original compartment.

Precision Manufacturing