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True Centering Unit (TCU) for: Maxx Model Rotary Chamber (New Gen. All)

Proveedor Airtech Studios

Product Description

The True Centering Unit (TCU) is Designed for the Maxx Model (New Gen, all models) specifically to prevent the hop-up unit from rotating from side to side. This is caused by the manufacturing tolerances of the hop-up installed into the outer barrel. Additionally, the movements of the magazine while shooting may cause the hop-up unit to sway further causing major inconsistencies to your BB trajectory.

Once the TCU is fitted, the Maxx chamber will be tightly fitted in place and sitting on the true center position to prevent BBs from swerving at a tangent. 

The installation manual can be downloaded using this link CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it difficult to install the TCU?
Part A, the side wings is simple. However for the best results it is best to remove the outer barrel to determine which of the side wings fits the best.

For Part B. It is optional however slight modification/ sanding may be required.

2. Can this work on the older Gen Maxx Model chamber?

Nope, this is for the New Gens only. We do have version made for the older generations though that you can check out on our website.

Core Benefits After Install

  • Increase shooting consistency - less fliers.
  • Reduce Tilting and vibrations caused by gun operation.

Compatible for all New Gen Maxx Model Hop-up Chambers including:

✔ M4A
✔ M4E & M4Ei
✔ M4G & M4Gi
✔ M4i
✔ M4P
✔ M4W (Side Wings only)
✔ MXW (Side Wings only)

Package Contents
1 x True Centering Unit (TCU)
1 x TCU Lock
1 x Spring Lock
2 x 2.5mm Side Wings
2 x 2.6mm Side Wings
2 x 2.8mm Side Wings

Step by Step Install Tutorial