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Advanced R-HOP Arm & M-nub for KWA Rotary - T6, Ronin 6, QRF MOD1 & 3


Advanced R-HOP Arm & M-nub for KWA Rotary - T6, Ronin 6, QRF MOD1 & 3 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Thinking of installing an R-Hop set-up on your KWA rifle? Instead of modifying your stock ARM by cutting /sanding which may run the risk of an unbalanced force pressing on the R-hop patch - our R-HOP arm is designed to be a drop-in upgrade to mitigate the risk to give a perfect, TDC (top-down-centre) evenly forced pressure.

We were inspired by the self-leveling nub feature found on the Maxx brands for the Silverback SRS hop-up and wanted to bring ideas to the KWA rotary platform. 


- TDC Top-down-centre force applied evenly on the R-Hop patch.
- No need for modifying the stock arm and adding M-nub (our arm provides both!)
- Easy drop-in with no modifications required.
- M-nub provides an even distribution of force applied across the whole surface of the R-Hop patch.
- Tough Polycarbonate Construction.


For R-hop to function perfectly, the patch, arm, and barrel are only one part of accuracy, using high-quality ammo, a good compression system, Inner barrel stabilization, and keeping the barrel clean are also important parts of the total ultimate accuracy equation.


R-HOP has the unique advantage to propel the BBs over a longer distance compared to a traditional standard hop-up. Better yet, accuracy and consistency are maintained also.

What is R-Hop?

R-Hop is a popular modification in the Airsoft market in which a high-density rubber patch is installed in the hop-up window and then polished flat on the inside of the barrel to ensure perfect fitment. R-Hop improves the consistency of each consecutive shot, improves peak backspin and air seal, and provides the user with higher tolerances to imperfections in the projectile. All of these features combine to offer the Airsofter a higher-performing Airsoft weapon.

KWA Compatibility
✔️KWA Ronin 6
✔️KWA T6
✔️KWA Ronin T10 (ERG)
✔️KWA Ronin TK.45 (ERG)
✔️KWA SR-10 (ERG model)
✔️KWA Ronin Recon ML (ERG)
✔️PTS Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 (ERG)
✔️PTS Magpul RM4 Scout (ERG)
✔️PTS Magpul RM4 CQB (ERG)
✔️KWA Ronin T6 (VPS)
✔️KWA Ronin 10 SBR (VPS)
✔️KWA Ronin 6 PDW (VPS)