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Battery Extension Unit

Battle with Ease

Unfair Dominance

Advanced Locking Ring

Locking Everything That Moves

Complete Inner Barrel Stabilization

TDC R-HOP Convertor

The Perfect Hop Solution

Pushing the Limits of Accuracy

Advanced Locking Ring

Stabilize Everything For Performance Upgrade

Extreme Tech Consistency

Advanced Locking Ring

Lock all Parts For Performance

Supreme Shot Consistency

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Top Tier Teching for the Best Shooting Performance

At Airtech, our tech teams have develop a series of TDC Convertor kits which transforms the guns existing hop-up chamber, integrated to have gain the coveted top-down-center hop that is perfect for R-hop and Flat-hop upgrades to vastly improve upon accuracy and consistency

Tanker Battery Extension Unit


All the power you need

Battery Extension Unit

KWA PDW Series

Increase your Battery Limitations

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