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Maxx Model Rotary Chamber M4A - TDC Top-Down-Center Trolley (For the best Hop, R-Hop, & Flat-hop)


The TDC (Top Down Centre) Trolley is designed for the Maxx Model Hop-up Rotary Chamber (M4A, M4P, M4i, M4W) to incorporate the use of M-nub to distribute the maximum of hop over a chambers hop-up window to improve the accuracy and consistency of the shots fired. This in turn ensures the patch can maximize its appliance on the BB for the most stable and uniform spin for the much desired R-hop performance.

The improved trolley and M-nub may be used in unison with all bucking types and also works perfectly for R-Hop & Flat-hop setups utilizing a top-down system that applies hop perfectly downwards for the most consistent pressure distributed onto the Bucking and BB. As a result, increased accuracy over longer distances.