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Speed Trigger Converter (STC™) - G&G ARP9 & all CM16 / TR16 ETU Series


The Speed Trigger Converter (STC) is design for G&G CM16 ETU series to upgrade its existing trigger response. Once the STC is installed, this will drastically reduce the trigger pull on your G&G machine to achieve a hairline trigger response. Great for competitive speed shooting to gain faster reactions against your opponents!

Precision Manufacturing

The Current Setup

Long Standard Trigger Pull

The travel distance for standard takes around 3mm to travel from the rest position onto the trigger switch. For competive play styles, this may be too slow of a reaction time to shoot your opponents.
The Upgraded Setup

Hairline Trigger Pull

Once the Speed Trigger Converter is installed, it reduces the pulling distance by 75% to achieve a near hairline trigger pull. This is done by creating the converter block to sit next to the trigger switch at the resting position. This is great for quick reaction times to eliminate your opponents before they shoot you first!
The Solution

Installing the Speed Trigger Convertor.

It is a fairly simple process to install the trigger converter as long you have access to your gearbox. Unscrew the current trigger and replace with the Airtech Speed Trigger Converter. The new provided screws are made of stainless steel for long durability.
Installation Demo

Airtech Speed Trigger Converter
G&G CM16 ETU Gearboxes

Unbreakable Material

Ultra-Tough Polycarbonate

The Speed Trigger unit is manufactured through plastic injection molding using polycarbonate as the material which is lightweight and tough against the stresses while installed into the hop-up chamber.
Shoot First Cry Later

75% Reduction in Trigger Pull

The Airtech Speed unit converts the existing trigger to function as a within a hairline performance. It will only take a light tap for the gun to shoot. This greatly improves your competitiveness at the field and shoot your opponents before they run for cover!
Semi-Full Auto-SAFETY!

Safety Bracket Installation

There is a safety bracket included with the package to ensure that the guns safe mode still functions and are required for most game fields. Simply insert the bracket onto the safety leaver.
Meeting Field Safety Regulations

Testing Safety Bracket

There are two positions of safety leaver. Naturally it will sit on the unsafe position so the gun can be first. When the leaver is pushed up, it activates the safety function. Close the gearbox plates together to test if it still works. If the safety does not work or or gets stuck, then a slight sanding may be required.


Compatible G&G Models

The STC™ is highly versatile. It may be installed on all CM16 ETU models and all TR16 G2 gearbox platforms. The models below are some of the popular models that are fully compatible.