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USA Universal Sidewinder Adaptor - Odin M12 Sidewinder (Black)


The Airtech Universal Sidewinder Adapter (USA) allows you to use your Odin M12 Innovations sidewinder for a whole range of mid-caps magazines in the Airsoft market.


Precise Manufacturing


Not Just for M4 Mags Anymore

You have a sidewinder, but it only works for the M4 mags? Let us expand that for you to work across all AEG mags universally!

Fits in Just like a M4 Magazine

No modification to install the universal sidewinder adapter (USA). Simply slide into place like a M4 and it will snap right into place. Use the release leaver on the Odin sidewinder to remove the adapter.

Load All Your Mags!


Unlock BB Loading Ability for All AEG Magazine Types

The USA adapter is the only adapter you will ever need so load up all your AEG magazine no matter the model. Bring it to a game and help load up your teammates with ease and with speed!
Installation Demo

Demonstration by @Peanuts Airsoft

Every Roud Counts!

No More Wasted Ammo

There is a BB stopper contraption built-in inside the USA Adapter the will prevent the few BBs from falling onto the ground. It will remain in place until you load your next magazine. Don't waste anymore BBs down the drain!
Get ready and strap right in

Extra Support for all Mag Types

Magazines come in all shapes an sizes and some may be more difficult to load even with the USA universal adapter.
A heavy duty Velcro strap is included with pack for the additional support and sturdiness when loading the BBs. The strap will simple loop round the bottom of the magazine to secure it into place with you crank the BB loading lever. The strap size may be adjusted to suit the depending on which type of mags is being loaded.
Unbreakable & Built to last

Ultra-Tough Polycarbonate

The Universal Sidewinder (USA) is manufactured through plastic injection molding using polycarbonate as the material which is lightweight and tough against the stresses while installed into the Odin Sidewinder under the typical game related stresses upon it.

We Got You Covered

The Universal Sidewinder Adapter can be used on all sidewinder variants and brands, including Odin M12, Valken, Nuprol, Dragon Pro and Ares Amoeba.

Manufactured to Perfection