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Ares Amoeba M4 Hop-up chamber - Top-Down-Center (TDC) Bracket Integration Kit


*Pre-Orders Available now - Product Launch Extended to May 2024 to fix some bugs*

The TDC (Top-Down-Centre) Trolley Converter is designed for the Ares Amoeba Rotary Hop-up Chamber to radically upgrade the applicable hop-up inside the chamber.

The kit may be used in unison with all bucking types and also works perfectly for R-Hop & Flat-hop setups utilizing a trolley system that applies hop perfectly downwards for the most consistent pressure distributed onto the BB. As a result, increased accuracy over longer distances.

The idea spawned originally from the TDC trolleys found on Maxx Model Hop-up chambers to achieve a perfect top-down force against the hop-up nubs. However, switching to a third party chamber could carry a series of risks such as double BB feeding, misfeeding, and inconsistent air compression. That is the reason why we opted for a an upgrade option for the original hop-up chamber that is specifically designed for Ares Amoeba models.

A M-nub is included that covers the length of the hop-up window to maximize the amount of exposure onto the bucking and then BB. This ensures the most stable hop, while the BB accelerates through the hop mound/ Arch.

Please note that this kit will require modification to the outer barrel of your airsoft replica, however, is straightforward. Full instructions on how to modify will be included in the instruction manual to download.