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Stock-Butt Extension: G&G ARP9 & 556 Series GOS-V5 Series


In collaboration with Burst-head Japan, the Butt-stock Extension design attaches to the rear of the G&G ARP9/ 556 to ensure the gun can be rested on the shoulder securely to restrict slippage - this will help to aim with maximum comfort and stability.

- Simple to install! Simply insert the plates on each side of the G&G GOS-V5 stock and then tighten the screws.

- Secures the Stock-butt securely on your shoulder with maximum comfort and stability.

- Expansive surface grip to avoid slipping while taking aim.

- Made from injection-molded ultra-tough polycarbonate and will withstand all forces from in-game situations.

- Can be placed vertically for easy storage without tipping over.