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Retroarms Rotary Chamber- True Centering Unit (TCU)


The True Centering Unit (TCU) is Designed for the Retroarms Rotary Chamber specifically to prevent the hop-up unit from rotating from side to side. This is caused by the manufacturing tolerances of the hop-up installed into the outer barrel. Additionally, the movements of the magazine while shooting may cause the hop-up unit to sway further causing major inconsistencies to your BB trajectory.

Once the TCU is fitted, the Retroarms chamber will be tightly fitted in place and sitting on the true center position to prevent BBs from swerving at a tangent. 

Ultimate Stabilization

The Causes

Testing the Axial Vibrations

The movement between the hop-up unit and outer barrel are commonly found in airsoft guns. How much of a gap depends on the brand of the gun you have. If this is not addressed, the sides and top of the chamber will have too much play.
The movement will cause the lack of consistency and predictability of your BBs trajectory across the distances fired.
The Causes

Movement Caused by the Magazine

loose magazines that could twist the hop-up and inner barrel from aiming at the center. This is further caused upon firing on a semi or full auto when the BBs move up the chamber for loading.
The vibration could cause the hop to sway from side to side causing inconsistencies in your shots.
The Solution

Introducing the TCU to Lock-down

Once the TCU is installed the hop-up is then locked at the center position of the rifle. There will be no more movements that may cause the chamber to tilt on its axis.

As a result the consistency and accuracy of the shots over longer distance will be vastly improvement. Since the factor of unpredictability is removed, you can easily calibrate your hop-up easily for what is required.
Installation Demo

Watch HowTrue Centering Unit for the Retroarms Hop-up Chamber

Precise Manufacturing

Tight & Snug Fit

Once the TCU is installed onto the hop-up chamber, the whole unit can then be placed back into the gun. The part will not interfere with the operations of the outer barrel or dust cover.
FPS Increase!

Enhanced Gearbox Seal with increased FPS

As the hop-up axial movements are eliminated after the TCU is installed, the tightness of the system will be improved after. The between the hop-up chamber and Gearbox will be further improve for better air seal, resulting in a stable FPS output from the piston.

Ultra-Tough Polycarbonate

The TCU is manufactured through plastic injection molding using polycarbonate as the material which is lightweight and tough against the stresses while installed into the hop-up chamber.
A Step ahead of others

Gain the Competitive Edge

The power upgrades to shoot BBs further is important, however without the accuracy would not be effective. It is the little things that can fill the gap and make a huge difference.
With the TCU this is an example of how much performance can be achieved.
Tailoring to your Gun

Tech Work For Successful Install

There are some instances where the True Centering Unit TCU is a little too tight to fit the outer barrel. We recommend to remove the outer barrel from the gun to test first. If its too tight, lightly sand each side of the TCU incrementally until you achieve a snug fit.

Tech Tip

In general, anything that moves in the rifle especially in the hop-up/ inner barrel should be strictly locked down to eliminate the factors that could affect the consistencies of the shots fired.

Precision Manufacturing