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TDC Trolley with M-nub (R-Hop & Flat-hop) for Tokyo Marui SCAR H & HK417


The TDC (Top Down Centre) Trolley is designed for the Tokyo Marui SCAR H & HK417 chambers to incorporate the traditional usage of M-nubs which works perfectly with the R-Hop patches to achieve an improvement in accuracy and consistency from shot to shot.

The M-nub ensures an evenly distributed force is applied onto the bucking down to the RHOP patch. This in turn ensures the patch can maximize its appliance on the BB for the most stable and uniform spin for the much-desired R-hop performance. The improved trolley works in unison with the Flat-hop and Maple Leaf Super Macaron MR-Hops.

Perfect Force for R-hop!

Improved Trolley Wings

Modifications on the slide bars on each side

This ensures a tighter fit onto the chamber to achieve an absolute Top-down-center hop onto the R-hop patch while preventing an side to side movements!
Imporved trolley Length

Increased Trolley and M-nub Length

The contact area of the front is increased by 0.5mm, from 4.5mm to 5mm to cater for most Inner Barrel window sizes so that the pressure is applied evenly across the whole R-hop patch. This will mean more even surface area that will rub onto the BB when it passes through. Expect consistency and accuracy to be improved.
The Solution

Superior M-nub

3M adhesive incorporated at the back of the M-nub for optimum contact on the Trolley foot. This is a strong bond, however, is flexible and may be un-stuck to be re-applied later. The M-nub is manufactured with memory properties to mold into the perfect shape to push your R-HOP patch.
Installation Demo

Top Down Center (TDC) - Tokyo Marui NGRS SCAR Chamber -Installation Demo

Precise Manufacturing

Tight & Snug Fit

Once the TDC Trolley is installed onto the hop-up chamber, the whole unit can then be placed back into the gun. The part will not interfere with the operations of the outer barrel or dust cover.
FPS Increase!

Enhanced Air Seal at the Hop-up Window

The M-nub once installed will fill the hop-up window agaisnt the bucking and once hop is applied, the M-nub an trolley will seal the window into a air tight chamber preventing and air to escape. This will firstly increase the FPS output of the system, and secondly have a consistent FPS. Both combined will allow the BB to travel on accurate trajectory.

Ultra-Tough Polycarbonate

The TDC Trolley is manufactured through plastic injection molding using polycarbonate as the material which is lightweight and tough against the stresses while installed into the hop-up chamber.
Tailoring to your Gun

Tech Work For Successful Install

For the best installation, we recommend to apply airsoft silicone grease on all the moving parts to ensure they mesh perfectly. This includes the foot the M-nub against the bucking, the side wings of the trolley, and the top of the trolley.
R-HOP | Flat-Hop | Macaron

The Best Accuracy In Airsoft

R-hop is arguably one of the best accuracy mods for an airsoft rifle. The distance and consistency is that can be achieved simply cannot be ignored. With our the TDC trolley it gives the best hop-up applied on the R-hop patch so the BB can gain the most exposure on the R-hop patch, yet smoothest (less erratic) acceleration before it leaves the gun.

Precise Manufacturing