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Ares Amoeba Hop-up Chamber- True Centering Unit (TCU)

Distributeur Airtech Studios

Designed especially for the Ares Amoeba Stock Hop-up units to address the issue of axial displacement of the chamber caused by two factors.

Firstly, the outer barrel and the chamber are not fitting snugly onto each other - this is due to the difference in tolerances between various gun brands. On the other hand, the two fins on each side of the chamber do not provide adequate hold for the chamber to sway left/right. The True Centering Unit (TCU) will bridge this gap to prevent unwanted movements.

Secondly, loose magazines that could twist the hop-up and inner barrel from aiming at the center. This is further caused upon firing on a semi or full auto when the BBs move up the chamber for loading. The vibration could cause the hop to sway from side to side causing inconsistencies in your shots.

In general, anything that moves in the rifle, especially in the hop-up/ inner barrel should be strictly locked down to eliminate the factors that could affect the consistencies of the shots fired.

Once the TCU is fitted, the Ares chamber will be tightly fitted in place and sitting on the true center position to prevent BBs from swerving to the left or right.

Key Features

- Prevent tilting of the hop-up unit.
- Locks snugly into the outer barrel and forces the chamber/ inner barrel perfectly on the horizontal axis
- No displacement is affected by the angle or movements from the loaded magazine.
- True centering to prevent your BBs from swerving away from the target.
- Tough Polycarbonate Construction


Is it easy to install?

Yes. You take the grub screw and spring at the front of the chamber and then place the TCU onto the front of the chamber. Use the grub screw to lock it into place and then spring to secure it.

What if doesn't fit inside the outer barrel section?

Different brands and models of the M4 have different tolerances. It is recommended to remove the outer barrel and test the TCU with the hop-up chamber. In some cases, you may need to lightly sand the end side of the TCU slowly and incrementally until you achieve a snug fit into the outer barrel slot.

Doesn't the two wings on the side of the Maxx chamber already give stability?

In most cases no - manufacturers ensure there is enough space for the chamber to fit without being too tight to avoid delaying the assembly process. The TCU will compensate for this to ensure no lateral and axial movement to keep things tight and intact. This will remove the variable that could otherwise make BB shots inconsistent.