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Full Upgrades Bundle Kits for: Maxx Model Hop-up Chamber (all New Gen)

Distributeur Airtech Studios

This the is ultimate kit to take your Maxx Model hop-up chamber to the next level of upgrades. There are 3 crucial parts of this kit that will upgrade the hop up chamber that is essential to gain the best accuracy - shot to shot consistency and balanced FPS output!

The pack includes the following (all of which can be bought separately, but we made this kit bundle together to offer a better value for money to get your upgrades started)

True Centering Unit
1 x True Centering Unit (TCU)
1 x TCU Lock
1 x Spring Lock
2 x 2.5mm Side Wings
2 x 2.6mm Side Wings
2 x 2.8mm Side Wings

Inner Barrel Lock
1 x Inner Barrel Locking Ring
5 x Silicone Installation Rings

TDC Trolley
1 x TDC Trolley Unit
2 x M-nub

COMPATIBILITY for all the New Gen Maxx Model Chambers
✔ M4A
✔ M4E & M4Ei
✔ M4G & M4Gi
✔ M4i
✔ M4P
✔ M4W