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M-nub (for R-Hop Set-up)

$4.99 $9.99
Distributeur Airtech Studios

Silicone M-nub designed for use with R-Hop and Flat-Hop setups etc..

The silicone elastic rubber is the optimum nub material used alongside R-hop builds, as it applies an evenly distributed pressure to the hop rubber to ensure the force on the BB is as consistent as can be for a stable acceleration before exiting the barrel. This will help with the accuracy and consistency of the shots. The M-nub is elastic doesn't deform outwards contacting the inside of the hop unit.

Provides consistent pressure to the R-Hop patch, increasing accuracy. Simple to install.

Each pack contains 2 M-nubs, each approximately 3x3mm thick with a 3M adhesive back that is to be stuck on the modified hop-up arm.