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The Nightstalker: Advanced AEG Piston for Perfect AOE & Gear Meshing

Distributeur Airtech Studios

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We have taken the AEG piston to the next level of airsoft teching! The Nightstalker piston has broken the boundaries of the gearbox performance to raise a new standard for AEG pistons. Our engineers have completely redesigned the piston from the ground up, addressing all of the weaknesses of a stock piston and presenting it with a modern solution. Whether you are looking to upgrade your piston or for maintenance, the Nightstalker piston will withstand and excel at any builds you throw at it! It is truly unbreakable.

Core Upgrades

  • Drop-in Angle of Engagement (AOE).
  • Offset Piston Rack Segments.
  • Revised Piston Rails for Less Friction.

Secondary Improvements

  • Improved Rails to drastically reduce friction.
  • Reinforced polymer with glass fiber reinforcement.
  • Strong yet lightweight construction.

Noticeable Benefits After Install

  • Pull Stronger springs without piston/ rack damage.
  • Reduce gearbox whine and stress on the gears.
  • Less stress on the LiPo Battery will prevent it from overheating.
  • Increase RPS and improve FPS consistency.

     The New Standard In Piston Performance

Nightstalker Piston Core Specifications

Drop-in Angle of Engagement (AOE): On the default resting position, the pistons gear rack will engage with the sector at the most optimum angle without any prior DIY modifications life before. It is simply a drop-in upgrade. The AOE helps distribute the force evenly on the teeth of the piston rack, reducing the risk of premature wear or breakage.

Offset Piston Rack Segment: The rack is offset by 0.5mm to allow the user to utilize additional shimming space with the sector gear to maximize the meshing capabilities of both components.

Enhanced Meshing Through the Proper Tooth Profile: The meshing between the piston rack and sector gear has been completely revised to be more compatible between all brands. At the most stress-heavy parts of the piston, there will be 3 points of contact between the piston rack and sector gear drastically reducing the load on each tooth.

Revised Piston Rails for Less Friction: Drastically removes the wobbling of the piston against gearbox to keep the piston true and straight. The 0.5mm width of the rails has been removed to eliminate the factor of sliding against the gearbox that created resistance on the piston. The new piston will be pulled and compressed with little friction upon its cycle. The result will maximize the compatibility among the various gearbox brands, including third-party CNC gearboxes. A further improvement in FPS consistency and resist wear will be achieved.

Perfect Gear Meshing

Smoothest & Strongest Gear Pairing

The best drop-in solution for the most perfect AOE in the market. Stress free pickup tooth as the most optimum angle followed through by the flawless meshing with the sector gear.
The Nightstalker Piston paves a new standard for gearbox performance.
Eliminating the weakest link

Minimum 2-3 Stress Distribution Points of Contact

The gears on the piston rack has been drastically designed to improve upon the efficiency of the meshing with the Sector gear. On a stock set-up it uses a 1 to 1 gear meshing taking on the strain which means the gears are highly susceptible to breaking at the weakest point - see the red areas on the demonstration.
With the Nightstalker Piston rack is designed to mesh with 3 point of contact at a given time, distributing the strain on those gears rather than just 1. This will reduce the wear, run efficiently and reduce gearbox whine.
Snappy Trigger Responses

Efficient Pick-up Tooth

Once the Nightstalker Piston is installed, the sector gear will be perfectly positioned to begin pulling the piston in the most energy efficient and reduced force that will be applied onto the first pick-up tooth. As a result you can expect a much snappier trigger response!

On the other hand through a stock setup, it takes a good considerable amount of energy to start pulling the piston at the steeper, disadvantaged angle causing more strain on the gear meshing, stress on the motor, and causing too much heat in the system.
Precise Engineering

Offset Piston Rack Segment:

The rack is offset by 0.5mm to allow the user to utilize additional shimming space with the sector gear to maximize the meshing surface of both gears
A well oiled machine

Grease Retaining Rails

The Rails are designed to hold more grease inside to consistently perform smoothly on each cycle by keeping resistance to a minimum.
There will be less needs requirements for gun maintenance after install.
Ultra Toughness for any builds

Throw the Piston at any Build

Whether you are looking to replace your piston for maintenance or to build something stronger, the piston can withstand anything you throw at it. Its virtually indestructible.
Fully tested for DSG and TSG builds!
A Step ahead of others

Reduced Railing Resistance for Stable FPS

The railing width on the piston is slightly shorter than other pistons in the market. This is drastically reduce the need for the rails to slide against the walls of the gearbox shell.
As a result, allows the piston to slide back and forth with minimum resistance, which can help to achieve a stable FPS output.
Comprehensive fit

Compatible with All Piston Heads Brands

The Nightstalker Piston can be used with all third party or stock AEG piston heads. The hole which connects the piston with piston head uses interference fitting to be as snug as possible and later locked using our heat treated locking screw which is included.